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My name is Sea glass

The current pulled me along, banging me into the rocks; it was painful, but it didn't have the strength to pick me up and spit me out. I didn't understand what was going on. Why me? Was there any hope? Would this torment end someday?

I had already given up when I felt the touch of His hand. When I least expected it, He caught hold of me. He already knew my story. I had been a beautiful bottle, made for a purpose. But one day, someone used me and threw me with such force that I shattered into pieces. Following that crash came many more. My life was reduced to a powerless little piece, incapable of struggling against the current that carried me along, all the while threatening to drag me further down.

He wasn't bothered by my past, how I had come to be there, or what I had become. He only wanted to return my worth, to show me that my life still had meaning and purpose.

He gave me a new name: Sea Glass because my life resembled one of those bits of glass found on the beach, polished bit by bit by sand and seawater until it becomes a valuable piece of glass, with the help of the light, can reveal its true beauty. He found me; He lifted me. He cleansed and anointed my wounds with oil, treated me with care, loved me, and gave meaning to my life. So, like the glass found on the beach, I'm beautiful, and I have a purpose: a beautiful necklace, earrings, a small bracelet, or whatever my owner wants to make of me. Transparent, shiny, with natural beauty, appreciated and valued by many. That's who I am in the hands of my Creator. I have a new identity, and I have a new name. I'm Sea Glass.


By Karen Suárez

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